Test your knowledge about drugs

Test your knowledge about drugs with our quiz and celebrate the launch of David Nutt’s Drugs without the hot air! The answer you click on will turn green if correct, red if incorrect.

1. Which one of these is not one “criteria of harm” that are used to classify drugs?
Environmental damage
Loss of tangibles (job, home)
Decline in professional ability
2. Globally, which illegal drug is most widely used?
Magic mushrooms
Benzodiazepines (valium)
3. Which drug do you think is the most harmful, according to DrugScience.org.uk, taking all criteria of harm into account?
4. Currently in the US, more people die from an overdose of prescription opioids than from heroin. True or False?
5. A year after the 2007 UK ban on smoking in public places, how many fewer cigarettes had been smoked?
an estimated 500,000
an estimated 1 Million
an estimated 1 Billion
an estimated 2 billion

Keen to learn more about the science of drugs?

Check out David Nutt’s Drugs without the hot air. Making sense of legal and illegal drugs.

The second edition of Drugs without the hot air looks at the science to allow anyone to make rational decisions based on objective evidence, asking:
• What is addiction? Is there an addictive personality?
• What is the role of cannabis in treating epilepsy?
• How harmful is vaping?
• How can psychedelics treat depression?
• Where is the opioid crisis taking us?

Peter B Jones, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge

“Engaging, informed, contemporary and wise: David Nutt’s new edition will inform anyone touched by the myriad psychoactive chemicals we call drugs. That’s everyone.”

Professor Val Curran, Director UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit

“The amazing Professor David Nutt has done it again. The must-read second edition has even more drugs and even less hot air!”

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