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UIT Cambridge is an independent publisher based in Cambridge, England. Since 2003 we have been publishing books on a range of topics, with a focus on making important topics accessible to readers who don’t necessarily have specialist knowledge.

We are best known for our bestselling without the hot air series that presents the facts on important subjects without the hype and hot air that so often accompany them. The series began in 2008 with Sustainable Energy – without the hot air by Prof David MacKay and was followed in 2012 by Prof David Nutt’s Drugs – without the hot air.

Our city art book series, The City Through the Eyes of Its Artists, showcases the beauty of select cities in a range of artistic styles, ranging from illustration and drawing to painting.

In 2013 UIT Cambridge bought Green Books, under which imprint we continue to publish books on a variety of environmental and cultural topics.

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